FL Studio tutorials

can we please have some tutorials done in fl studio.

topics would like:

  • updated trance tutorial

  • a tutorial to create something like the rank 1/cosmic gate type sound (Prog trance)


I thinkk that IMage line site have video tutorials for frutyloops and their synths . But yeahh I heard some crazy tracks was made in frutty loops

check out youtube bro

yeah im not speaking for SA but i would think that a FL tutorial would not be covered, there are hundreds of free tutorials for FL and only a few members use that DAW

yeah there are a ton of fl tuts on the web

check www.djcooler.com/dragor out

he had made a perfect trance track in fl using only the 3xosc synths!

pm me if u cant find … :stuck_out_tongue:

or contact on www.trancestorm.webs.com


PS: yes its right on utube are a lot of tuts about fl!