Fletcher munson

I had an interesting covo with some musicians  at a party last night, and was surprised when i bought up the subject they didnt know what it was …

So what is everyones understanding of it ? :slight_smile:

My basic understanding is that its to do with loudness curves in relation to the human ear & how we process that info.

2 Americans - F&M - in Bell Labs (An Acoustical Engineer told me… and after this, is where my info possibly gets hazy… :hehe: ) made a chart that advises it better to monitor at normal levels as you can hurt your lugs listening too loud… and besides that, your brain loses focus after a bit & your perception of whats truly happening with the sounds - gets diminished.

Been a while since I seen it, but the graph probably plots increased insanity vs. loudness as you continue. 

Possibly some EQ’n implications in there too Vs. the ear… connected with sound absorbtion / nodes in your room?

Dont know loads about it, but I’ve heard enough probably to get it ar$eways :slight_smile:

Seen a few arguments about it over the years in forums. It seems to be something people throw out there when they are trying to outdo/bamboozle eachother - Not saying you were Egg(!!) - but its been a while since I’ve seen it come up in conversation naturally, thats all! :) 

Heard about the chart. Forgot about it, then looked this up

“The interesting aspects of these curves are that it is difficult to hear low frequency of soft sounds, and that the ear is extra sensitive between 1 and 6 kilohertz.”