FM make a booby!

hahaha aint i clever hahahaha hahaha future music magazine have made a booby!! hahahah

have a look at the folder/slip/envelope the disk from this months mag came in…

Issue 235 January 2010

2010… hahaha aint i clever??


btw anyone else think the “in the studio with…” was a load of sh!t?

OOOOOPS :laugh:

whats happened then?

Who was the in the studio with?

sander kleinenberg

so what was the booby

Sander K? Think I’ll give it a miss. Was it any good?

What DAW was he using? Did he give anything up?

he uses logic. my best friend was his engineer in amsterdam and is the voice in the track “This is Our Night”.

[quote]Jon_fisher (31/12/2010)[hr]so what was the booby[/quote]

january 2010 and not 2011

itnt it booboo? Booby is a pair of titties! :smiley:

[quote]howiegroove (01/01/2011)[hr]itnt it booboo? Booby is a pair of titties! :D[/quote]

Nope, in the Uk we like to say Boob as in Tit Like “YOU’VE MADE A PROPER TIT OF YA SELF MATE”

And there was me hoping I could make a “booby” with FM synthesis.

(0 )( 0)


I’m kinda lost…:crazy:


And apparently they sound like this:

Audiotits by Bang the DJ

Hahahahaha :smiley:

[quote]howiegroove (02/01/2011)[hr]I’m kinda lost…:crazy:[/quote]

you never heard the saying “things have gone tits up” or “you’ve made a boob of that”

so a booby is when something is wrong.

The hardware version of that has got some great reviews :slight_smile:

[quote]bangthedj (02/01/2011)[hr]So…

And apparently they sound like this:

<EMBED height=81 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=“100%” src= allowscriptaccess=“always”> Audiotits by Bang the DJ[/quote]

the hardware version makes a whinning annoying noise. quite irratating

I was thinking of just getting the rack myself… :wink: :slight_smile: