Fm synthesis

just wondered if anyone uses like i do (constantly)fm bass /lead sounds to me always sound better this way and was just wondering  how many people here use this form of synthesis?:slight_smile:

Rarely. I only use it for special sounds and metallics.


I know what you mean. I wouldn’t normally use one exclusively though.

I like Fm for percussive sounds and maybe a few bass sounds.

I am with Howie the metalic drone like sounds FM creates are cool.

But FM sounds thin to my ears and always has but I’ve learnt it

has its own space in a mix and seems to cut through really well where

other synths can’t.

So I just got my DX27 today - now all I need is a Doctorate in mathematics to master - any tips

Really just got it for metallic pads and drones

fxpansion dcam cypher is insane with the types of sounds you can get out of it.

i still don’t think I have my head completely around it and i have had it for months.

I’m with Howie–I haven’t really found an FM synth or sound designer patch I really like–I might use in the background once or twice in my lifetime.