For sale

Sugar Bytes Effectrix!!! Great Plug-in for Those Guys that Like to mangle twist and glitch up loops and sounds or add variation to synth parts.

this plug-in is great but i need the cash to buy some new toys lol.

for those that don’t know the plug-in grab the demo and take it for a spin

Effectrix | Effects Sequencer with 14 effects.

Please send me a PM and it will be a first come first served.

would prefer paypal and once the payment has cleared i’ll start the process of license transfer. i have done this many times before with other plug-ins and it usually takes around 2 days for the license to transfer. but i will also just send my serial as soon as the payment has be received so you can start using right away.

thanks i’ll post up others as soon as websites get back to me

I can vouch this is a great plug in!