Forgotten Chapel

Time for a pint now :slight_smile:

[hr] Forgotten Chapel - Unmastered Soundcloud Edition - Unsigned by Nomad Spectrum

really enjoyed that dude, somehow your music always sounds awesome when im having a few beers, this one was great, really loved that little acidy bassline :slight_smile:

It sounds best on crack :slight_smile:

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

HaHa…I was just drinking a beer while listening to this.  A groovy little tune there :smiley:

[quote]JayD3 (19/08/2011)[hr]HaHa…I was just drinking a beer while listening to this. A groovy little tune there :D[/quote]

Cheers :slight_smile:

loved it …


damn this is sick. so pumpy and fat… love the bassline and delayed little hits. would go mental in a club!

…So what happened at this chapel?

i think the priests got buggared by little boys :stuck_out_tongue: sorry im irish :stuck_out_tongue:

there is nothing chilled on this track . you tricked me hehehe . nice Dark Vibes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks folks

Subject ask your mum :stuck_out_tongue:

ekko - this is not the place to confess your past :smiley:

Deadly stuff - Love the “how the fk do I describe them” noises.

Mighty when it kicks back in after the break :cool:

You really have some qaulity talent Slender. :wink:

Wicked stuff … gritty and funky … sick bassline too! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys and it’s signed already as well as my past 3 tracks :wink:

i ****en love that squeaky deep sound

[quote]Subject 1 (23/08/2011)[hr]i ****en love that squeaky deep sound[/quote]

Its amazing what sounds you can get from strangling new born kittens :smiley:

ur a dirty, dirty man slend:)