Four Tet - BASS


I’d like to know how to get a warm bass sound similar to this:

rocketnumbernine: matthew and toby (four tet remix) - YouTube (1min 49 sec)

Can we get a ‘how to’ tutorial please!



well it’s heavily filtered and modulated by an LFO. I’m sure some of the other guys on here can help more.

What synth would you recommend for it? Sylenth doesn’t seem suited. I’ve tried using Zebralette which is okay but I can’t get the depth/warmth in it. Any ideas? Cheers. N

If you have Sylenth, try using a saw wave for the first oscillator and a square wave for the second oscillator. Turn up the voices to like 3 for the square, and 2 for the saw or so maybe, set the square osc one octave below the saw osc, detune both of them quite a bit, 3.40-ish or so (if you’re using Sylenth that is). Leave the filter cutoff about halfway open. And like jonsloan said; use an LFO to control the cutoff. Might need a tad bit of distortion as well. That should get you close at least :slight_smile:

EDIT: Didn’t read your second post, but if it’s just the warmth you lack, have you tried using something like Saturator/PSP Vintage Warmer/Waves RBass on it? Perhaps one of those plug-ins will give it just that warmth or depth you’re looking for?

Yeah I gave your ideas a whirl and it was kinda close. But I can’t seem to get such action on the lfo. I’ve mod1 and mod2 to LFO1&2 respectively, but i can’t seem to get that ‘wahhuuuw’ sound that’s on the track. (excuse the onomatopoeia, it’s sometimes just easier). I even put another lfo with the auto filter but it doesn’t seem to grab it that much. Sure I’m doing something wrong. Your help much appreciated. Any more tips? Cheers, N.