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So here’s the deal. I have invested the guts of a grand into my APC40, MPK25, Ableton and other stuff, and just have no more cash. I get Ableton then take up a silver grade membership here on SA.

Trouble is - I am a a loss when these tutorials take the step on to Sylenth Territory. It seems to be presented in such a way as would have you believe that you already should have Sylenth. It’s only now that I have found that Sylenth is not something that I have missed in the live software pack - its just something that is not there full stop.

So my question is this:

Sylenth effectively is a tweakable sampler, with more options than the included Live samplers - HOWEVER - may I ask what would be the suggested included alternative that comes with live 8? ANY IDEAS Guys?? Simpler? Sampler? What do you reckon.

Please help if you can thanks


Hey Jonny.

Sylenth is a virtual analogue synth, and as such the nearest thing in Ableton suite is ‘Analog’.

Arguable you could also use operator in it’s non FM mode (ask if this isn’t clear!).

As Analog only has two oscillators, you can drop it in a instrument rack twice to make a 4 oscillator version.

As the interface of Analog is very different to Sylenth, it’s worth spending some time understaning what each bit does, but without doubt most sounds you can do with one, you can certainly do with the other (more or less!).

Ah I see.

It’s a pity there’s no way I could pull in an analogue synth from my Apple Logic software.

Good suggestion about using the two analog’s together.

Mostly I will be using Ableton for triggering loops in live sets, whilst I am drumming or playing keys. Most Keys stuff I will be using apple mainstage 2 for, whilst rewiring ableton live and using my APC40 for scene and clip control. I have found that for live use of playing keys that the standard tones in mainstage and set management works better for me. I don’t know that I could justify another plugin - although have yet to try it to be fair.

Unlike most users on here, i am more rock based than anything, just learning all the bits and bobs from the tutorials!

My keys setup (Yamaha CS1x & Akai MPK25) are channeled to mainstage, and the APC40 is channeled obviously to live.

The 24 (2 by 12) assignable knobs on the MPK25 can be set to look after the controls of mainstage. Very versatile setup!

thanks guys

Tech Tip Number 50 in Volume 5 compares and contrasts Analog and Sylenth. It should be helpful to you, so check it out.

The Demo of Sylenth is here:

It has most of the features of the full version, every now and then I think it plays a vocal loop, but if you are learning then it doesn’t matter.

It is a good idea to pick a synth and learn how to use it. Sylenth is a very good choice of synth or if you have Ableton Suite then Operator is a fantasic synth (although the course and fine controls are a little different from other synths).

Also for free plugs try here:

I think there is a plug called synth1 thats suppose to be a really good freebie. Sorry to repeat if it has already been posted.

[quote]DjWillMcGlone (17/01/2011)[hr]I think there is a plug called synth1 thats suppose to be a really good freebie. Sorry to repeat if it has already been posted.[/quote]

^this. there’s also the TAL Elek7ro which is kinda fun too

click here →

[quote]jwalley08 (08/01/2011)[hr]Tech Tip Number 50 in Volume 5 compares and contrasts Analog and Sylenth. It should be helpful to you, so check it
Wow! This is one of the best responses to this question I’ve seen anywhere so far. At least where Ableton is concerned. Thanks.

The issue with using a synth other than Sylenth, to try and replicate the kinds of sounds that are made in Sylenth - is going to be oscillators and
It’s so quick and easy in Sylenth to set up a patch that uses all 4 oscillators, each playing 8 voices per oscillator - which means that you can very quickly and easily get 32 voices playing simultaneously. Then of course you just turn one single knob per oscillator to detune them all, and then one single knob per oscillator to spread the voices across the stereo
You can do this in most other similar synths, but it might take alot more work and alot more fiddling around, but it can be
I use Reason and use Combinators to chain lots of instances of synths together, in order to get enough voices/oscillators, then i feed them into a mixer and pan the various oscillators around and detune them all
Sure you can do the same with multiple instances of Operator within a chain in
The good thing is you can save the instrument and just keep loading it up once you’ve done the work of setting it all up in the first place.

ANA Sylenth :wink: