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Huge track on the dancefloor every time! Enjoy =)

Nice remix mate! enjoyed that! :slight_smile:

Not to be annoying or anything but I would be pretty pissed off loosing to that grand prize.

Listen to it carefully all the dude did was slow down Ben Sims - Air Rage and add the vocals on top… Not to mention it sounds like he ruined the mixdown somehow?

Maybe its just my ears tricking me but I genuinely think your remix is miles ahead…

Link to ben sims air rage:


Thanks Mistro that means a lot, yeah I’m not bitter but it did seem a bit odd, I personally felt the winning track sounded over compressed and muddy but it came down to the judges decision I guess.

Silly though because they could have probs have signed a handful of the best ones and then had a better release package, not just limiting themselves to 1 track only.

I’ve already played my track over half a dozen times at hedkandi with great reactions, people singing along, other DJs have played it across the world also and have told me big reactions.

So to me it doesn’t matter if i didn’t win, people have still enjoyed it and that’s what matters.

It’s out there free now for the world to enjoy :slight_smile: