Free Driving techno Sample Pack

Driving Techno



The new release from Spunkface Samplers sees a brand new pack filled with raw sub filled grooves and deep stomaching churning bass loops.

Also there is enough glitch thrown in the keep you happy till the end of days. The sounds a suited for those dark and dingy clubs of the late night hour. So fire up your DAW and get going.

All loops and key and tempo (128BPM) labeled to make it easy for you to quickly put a track together.

Each sample is 24Bit and processed through high end gear. To ensure the best quality for the customer.

thanks will check it out…

thats your best pack

[quote]Mussi81 (18/05/2011)[hr]thats your best pack[/quote]

Agreed :slight_smile:

yeah nice pack that

[quote]slender (18/05/2011)[hr][quote]Mussi81 (18/05/2011)[hr]thats your best pack[/quote]

Agreed :)[/quote]

thanks a full pack will be out next month, already there are 60 perc hits and 150 drum loops

shaping up heavy and nioce

thanks for the support

Nice. I didn’t know about these samples. Sound good from some of the freebies. I reckon a few will end up getting purchased on pay day next week :slight_smile: