Free Dutch/Electro Remix!

'Allo allo!

I’ve been working on a different sound lately. A bit more dutch. Went to see Steve Aoki and Tiga last night, they’re doing a lot more of this stuff. Not totally different, but slightly different.

Anyway, if you like it, feel free to download it/use it/blog it etc.


RHCP - Otherside (Flaxo Bootleg) (FREE 320 KPBS Download!) by Flaxo

I think you need to vary up and even add some different 1shots/glithes into it, the percussion towards the final 1/4 of the track is a bit overpowering,  maybe lower the volume and slight eq? and the lead sound needs some weight, maybe layering or add another sound, otherwise the track loses drive and can  sound a little “bland” it seems to be taking away energy…

 its a good start to the track, keep working on it mate