Free limiter vst for ableton

so i have ableton 7 and cant quite afford suite 8 yet and the limiter compressor patch for ableton 7 sucks and there isnt a vst like 8. which free limiter vst’s are good?

I used this one when I was running live 7: · W1 Limiter

It’s not very pretty, but does a decent job.

tls maximizer is good.

im not too fussed about it being nice soundind im not trying to get a great sound pretty much only reason i want it is to fatten up basslines

how do you install the w1 limiter? ive tried this before but could never seem to get it to work and the instructions on the website arent really helpful :frowning:

Did you download the DLL file and put it in your VST folder?

If so should just appear in Ableton with the rest of your plugins.

yeah but the thing is i made a vst folder in my ableton folder… but all my other vst’s work :S

im using mac also btw… is it not mac compatible?