Free NI Instrument

Did everyone see this, Skanner from NI?

That looks great Ant - Cheers

GUI looks f’n hot, definately going to give it a go later…

Is it like a Granular Synth then out of curiousity?

yeah man :slight_smile:



Thats gotta be one of the best free vst’s I’ve ever used mate. Thanks a lot for that :smiley:

Is anybody else having trouble registering it though? Is the NI website down or something?

I got it too, definitely worth getting. Some crazy sounds that little thing can make haha. Kept me pretty entertained for a while. I like how it morphs from one sound to the other, creating the scariest sounds along the way.

Only thing as far as I can work out is that you cant load your own sounds into it without having a full copy of Reaktor… which is a shame.

The reverb is amazing in it - sounds slick as fk.

Everyone knows to hit the A/B tab to get to the controls… just in case :slight_smile:

[quote]TheAnt (22/12/2011)[hr]Did everyone see this, Skanner from NI?[/quote]

Thx.NI weblink is(was)down.Alternative Download here.