Free Sample Pack Giveaway

Courtesy of we have a free sample pack to away to 3 lucky users.

The prize is the NDS-2 Super Alpha sample pack.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is head on over to our Twitter page and ‘Retweet’ our competition tweet!

You can view the tweet HERE

For a second chance of winning, we have a 3rd sample pack up for grabs, but only available exclusively for Subscribers. To try and win post your latest Sonic Academy influenced track here for us to view - the best one will be picked by myself!

Competition deadline is Friday 12pm GMT.

How do you get your soundcloud track thingy in your post?

just get the embed code from your track and paste it in here


Jan de Jong - Fly For Me (Original Mix) by Jazy J

Contest Submission below! :D<EMBED src= width=“100%” height=81 type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowscriptaccess=“always”> Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Valence Remix) by IAmValence

2 entries?

come on guys

This is my way of saying Thank you to SA for all the Tut’s. :slight_smile:

Paul Lock - Thank You by Paul Lock

D05 - Subtractive Synthesis by d-aRe

you guys have given some quality information!

my entry:

Wouter de Witte - Thoughts of Jack - FREE DOWNLOAD by Wouter de Witte

Here is mine!

Void by Masseve

great submissions guys

D05 - Subtractive Synthesis by d-aRe wins it for me. great hook

D05 - Subtractive Synthesis by d-aRe

contrats to ‘etl’ on this one

for the rest of you great stuff! always amazing to hear how everyones productions are coming along. - ill see if i can get you a sneaky discount on the sample pack :wink:

My last submission for a remix comp…:w00t:

Sandwiches (Gnib-Trash-RMX)“Sandwiches remix competition” by Gnib ]

That sounds kinda familiar

sure does


DJ RE - GRIME (Original) by DJ RE…

Here’s my submission:

Greg McLeod - FNB by Greg McLeod

Wait, is this contest over?