Free sample pack "included" with buy

Totally new to ANA 2 and this is my first post.
When buying ANA 2 I could download a free sample pack of 500MB.
As I understand it, to use the samples You need to create a preset?
Do I really have to drag each sound onto an OSC and “save preset”?
Is there an easier way to have all the sounds (wavs/aifs) show up as instruments in a preset list?

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Hi there and welcome aboard ! :sunglasses:

You can add folders within ANA 2 sample browser to have access to all samples from this pack.

However, this will only allow you to select and load those samples into the Sampler Oscillators, you still need to save your Presets or your Multi-Sample Instruments in order to have them available as Presets or Multi-Sample Instruments.

The Sampler Oscillators are part of the synth, it’s different from a regular sampler. Sampler Oscillators can be layered with the Main wavetable Oscillators and are processed with filters, G-envelope, LFO, Effects… resulting in Presets or Multi-Samples Instruments once you’re done with your sound design.

There’s a large collection of Expansion Presets Packs covering all genres of music as well as the excellent ANA 2 Multisample Expansion Pack here : ANA 2 Presets

To start off, check the ANA 2 Tutorials on the Product page below :

Here are more resources to learn about ANA 2 ( those are free to watch videos ).

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

Thank You very much, @Tekalight! :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a try. Seems like a very powerful and somewhat complicated synth.

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No worry, you’re welcome !

There’s a learning curve to it for sure, but yes, it’s a very versatile and powerful synth :+1: