Free SQ80 wavetables, presets and reverb IRs

Hey guys. I created 24 wavetables, 9 presets and 6 reverb IRs for use in Ana 2 that I would like to share.

The Wavetables were made using the SQ90 single cycle waves found here:

I have used these in the past for other synths. They still sound great to me.

The IRs were created using Valhalla Room and require ANA 2 2.097 or later.

The presets contain performance modulations and make use of all Macros

you can download the zip file here.

The larger file size (45mb) is due to 16 second IRs and 24 wavetables. Includes installation instructions



Thanks for sharing this with others, I will link this topic on Sonic Academy Private Facebook Discussion Group as well to let other community members know about it :wink: