Freemasons sound

I’ve searched the web for a while looking for a good tutorial on how to make disco house. I am looking for some instruction on how you make that groovy disco feel with a kicking drum line. For example the Freemasons. I would love a tutorial on how to make the freemasons’ sound. Also Hed Kandi records is great at producing disco house. Check out Watchin or Love on My Mind.

Freemasons "Rain Down Love" - YouTube

Freemasons - Take Me To The Sun - YouTube

Warren Clarke pres. Jonni Black vs. Shena - Bitch is Back - YouTube

stuff like this. Stuff with great grooves and really soulful vocals

I think what your talking about is Funky House and +1 from me :slight_smile:

Freemasons - Uninvited is a ch00n!!

funky disco house XD

Actually a bit of funk would be well cool

What alot of people dont realise is that basically when you go to the hip trendy clubs all accross the UK its pretty much all Funky House…

As long as it’s Olav Basoski type funk then i’m all over it.

I think its time to start sampling some old disco records…

I’m glad you guys agree with me. We do need a tutorial on how to make disco, funky house. I would a Olav house tutorial (i know there is one for tech house).