French Disco/ Future Funk latest track [What am I doing wrong]?

So I’m beginning to try my hand at sample chopping/ rearranging to make a French House/ Disco kind of sound. I think my work turned out well and I’m getting a few listens but little other feedback, and the sites I’ve posted on now show mixed to negative responses.

I need some kind of creative directive input or someone to lead me into the right direction at this point, since I don’t understand what makes my music so unappealing

Thanks in advance

-Rizumu/ aPen

Hey there. As I listen to this, I feel like there’s some good elements, but the song kinda lacks an overall theme. The good thing about disco sampling is the quality and control, you are litterally unlimited! But it can also become too much, and when you start to throw sample arter sample into Your project, you can loose the theme and vibe of your first impression. I sort of liked your looping fill In the middle, but it also caused confussion. Try listening to some early 2000’s disco House and future funk, and analyze how the songs are constructed.

I hope this might help you :slight_smile:

  1. the sample that comes in over the top is clashing melodically (out of key) with the underlying groove. This also happens towards the last section too.

  2. your kick sounds over compressed (or wrong choice of kick) and isnt totally lining up with the kick in the samples. Either warp the sample to fit or extract the groove and use it on your kick.

  3. The structure is a bit all over the place. try going for a standard IVCVCBCCO… (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge (breakdown), Chorus, Chorus, Outro)

Thanks for the input so far guys; I’m reviewing my track and starting to see where I could improve. I’m shifting from DnB to French Disco and Vaporwave so I might be a little confused on how to focus with the mentioned tips (Theme, Song Structure, Mixing etc). And sampling in general has always been confusing for me so that will take some time to practice on its own

Keep these tips coming, I’m always willing to learn =)