French house for Ableton Tut

I really like the look of the French House tutorial…it would be great to see an Ableton version! :slight_smile:



I have to agree. The cubase tutorial is good, and a lot of it can be applied to ableton from it, but an ableton specific french house or maybe even nu-rave tutorial would be great. Also, the cubase and reason french house tutorials are clearly based around the Justice sound, which I personally don’t think fully encapsulates the french house sound, so maybe something a bit different for the ableton tutorial would be nice…there are lots of artists to choose from, but I think my personal favorite currently is Breakbot.

That breakbot song is really cool, +1 on that.

+1 for the cool oldschool frenshy house :slight_smile:

Love those retro synths and the live bass. Around 1:30.

and for some reason it won’t let me embed 2 videos but here’s another song: not exactly tutorial material but it’s the same style, some of you might like it :smiley: JAMAICA - I Think I Like U 2 (official video) - YouTube

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+1 im so down for some french house:D


:smiley: definitely!



Yes, yes, yes.

PLEASE add a french house ableton tutorial in the style of breakbot. It should also come with tissues on the side to wipe my tears of joy.

im all for it! +1







I too would love a French House/Electro tutorial for Ableton… But I’m looking more towards the style of Madeon:smiley:

[url]Madeon - Shuriken - YouTube

[url]Yelle - Que Veux-tu (Madeon Remix) - YouTube

+1 for this, got a lot of time for the 80’s sound and groove…

Lets see this on SA :w00t:

This please! +1!!

Definite need for a french house ableton i second that massively

Agreed, would love a tutorial on this type of music!:slight_smile: