French House pump on a mac

hey guys,br
can anyone help me find a plug in similar to the pc Nightshine one by DSP but for a mac?br
Its modelled after a 3630 and is the only thing I miss since the apple switch. br
How can I achieve that sound with a plug like dmg compassion or the glue? ive tried plenty of settings and different ratios and its just not the same, am I missing something?br

You could buy a real 3630 - you can get them really cheap second-hand?br
More hassle but for what you want, it’s going to sound better, right?

it has crossed my mind and I did actually get one, it blew up when I 1st plugged it in (woot). Im sure it was just bad luck but I think im right with outboard gear anyway id rather just stay in the box if I can. br
If theres a plug out there that does it then I’d rather do that. I thought with todays compressor plugs it would just be a setting to tweak and BOOM instant