French House Tut in Cubase

I just noticed the French House Tutorial was released for Cubase 5.

Thank YOU SA for this! This will be a great Cubase Tutorial Addition.

I was always really interested in doing this tut, but I dont have reason.

I know that is a bad excuse… but now I have a great reason to go back to cubase.

I think I will wind up doing this in cubase & then trying it out in ableton to see if I can recreate it.

Reallly looking forward to giving this a shot later.

I think with the French House tutorials they’re all a bit different, taking cues from different tracks so hopefully there’s something to learn in from them all.

Where did you get the disco hits from? It sounds like they’ve been taken straight from ‘Genesis’ by Justice.

awesome tutorial as expected!! learn new things in compressing drums .


SA :slight_smile: