French House tutorial

Hi there !!! i finished a a French house track after enrolling on this website last week . i am about to master it
but i have some issues in the structure how it should sound . in the tutorial of the French house . the video doesnt
show the arrangment and structure of the track . i know that a French house track could be 3 min long to 7 min long
do u guys have any pointers ?
i will apreciate any help


Hey alinenunez, welcome to the site. No one should really tell you how to arrange your track, but here is my opinion. I’m sure you have a favorite french house song or artist. My suggestion is take one of those songs, and put it into your DAW and mimic the peaks and rises and breaks and drops. Obviously, make sure it FEELS right, because to me, this is the most important thing out there. Hope this helps.

thanks that helps!!

hey im new on here aswell and i find sturcturing a track an issue. i really need help as i find this is the part my tracks usually fail in

hi there!!

 i had the same issue before!! u can take howie advice wich worked for me or also try to download the project arrangment how to make Electro in Cubase. u should find a midi file of the arrangement wich is self explanatory .

hope that helps