From the Bedroom to the Dancefloor

Hey all. So my tower finally died after 6 long years of service too me. I’m getting a laptop shipped out and should be here in a few weeks. :slight_smile: I was wondering what/how should I be preparing for playing out? I’m a total bedroom DJ at the moment, usually mixing mini sets for my friends when they come over to hang out.

I guess my real question is; How should I be practicing? Just come home, boot up Ableton and start making sets or do you guys use a more “focused” approach? Do club sets need to be 100% “off the cuff” or can I map out my set before hand and throw in requests if I get them?

I’m ready to get out of my garage and start building a name for myself at local clubs and parties, but I’m uneasy about the preparation, as I’m very new to DJing. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

WOW… Where to start!!

It all really depends on what style of DJ you are, Personality, What type of night your doing etc. I guess its always nice to have some sort of idea of what tunes your going to play on the night, I usually make sure that I have my bombs at the ready, thats the most important thing! Oh, and dont use them all at once, use them sparingly throughout the night, dont hit it with them all at once! The difficult thing about planning a whole set (which i wouldn’t recommend) is if you practice it that much before a set, chances are if anything goes wrong your stuffed! I think thats the whole fun of DJ’ing thou, just picking tunes and playing them, trying out new tracks, see how people react etc, its ALL a playground! As long as there dancing, your doing your job!

Your own personality plays a BIG part of being a DJ thou. I personally hate DJ’s that dont interact with the audience and i see a lot of big names that do it, and its terrible! There is nothing like being in a club at 3am or 4am, everyone is getting a little tired but then from know where, the DJ puts a BOMB on, He interacts and gets everyone gagging for more! You NEED to have that!

PLUS one thing I have learnt and it was only when I entered a DJ Competition last year… when you play in a club the managers might tell you to “keep it slightly commercial” or something along those lines… dont always listen! The end of the day, YOUR the DJ, YOUR the one entertaining NOT THEM! If the crowed is gagging for Hard-House or something out of the ordinary, DO-IT! They will thank you in the end :wink:

Think thats about it really, or all i can think of at the moment. If you have any specific questions thou, ask away! :smiley:

Don’t get me started on this subject…

[quote]roben (09/07/2010)[hr]Don’t get me started on this subject…[/quote]

lol whats that supposed to mean?

[quote]roben (09/07/2010)[hr]Don’t get me started on this subject…[/quote]

Ok we won’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect the point he was going to make was that most DJs will claim to prepare almost nothing, and play to the crowd/mood when they are there.

But the reality is that most DJs will go out knowing roughly what they will play already to like within 25 out of 30 tunes.

What serious professional DJ doesn’t go out armed with the latest hot cuts etc? Exactly. This phantom idea of the freewheeling DJ that purely wings it is one that only plays in Bars (or even their bedroom) where there is no expectation of them.

Isn’t that right Roben :cool:

+1 for interaction or any other type of action :smiley:

Get out there man, practising Djing by yourself is a bit like practising sex by yourself…:stuck_out_tongue:

Not really the same…

So keep open mind and get out there, steal ideas from other DJs (i mean learn) and just have fun, adjust the course as you go along.

…get some earplugs too :slight_smile:

Funny how I always remember that at 3am after being glued to FunktionOne stack for 4h lol

[quote]seanl (10/07/2010)[hr]…get some earplugs too :slight_smile:

Funny how I always remember that at 3am after being glued to FunktionOne stack for 4h lol[/quote]

Ahh earplugs are a MUST for any DJ! Hate playing without them now! :slight_smile: