FS: Akai MPK49 and Akai APC40

Hi mods is it okay to sell stuff on these forums? Have I posted this in the right place Apologies if it isnt.

I was going to put these up for sale on ebay but I know theres quite a few beginners to music production that come on here and would like to see them go to someone who I know will use them.

I want to sell my Akai MPK49 and Akai APC40. Both items are in mint condition and come with all original parts and packaging. The MPK49 still has the LCD scratch cover on so can be removed to look nice and shiny.

They have never been gigged and have always been in kept in a dust/smoke free environment.

I’m looking at £225 for the Akai APC40 and £200 and for the Akai MPK49.

I’d be willing to sell them both together for £400 however.

I live in Leeds and would prefer someone to come and pick them up as I havnt got a clue how much they would cost to post but I imagine it may be pricey. However I’d be willing to find out if you really wanted them to be sent by post and you’re willing to cover the cost. I’ve added a couple of pictures below. Let me know if you’re interested.

Nobody interested? Im open to offers. Will be putting them up on ebay this coming weekend otherwise.

I have an MPK61 but I’d love the APC40. Too bad that I don’t have any money. Grr…

Sell your nan?

hi, i’m very interested in the apc40 if you still have it…send me an email over at bob_bligh_1802@hotmail.com. cheers

Hi MrBligh. Ive sent you an email.