Full, big & crispy supersaw chords

Many modern progressive artists use big, on your face heavily side chained supersaw chords in their drops and builds. Sometimes they are layered with piano or other type of saws in different octaves, plus accented with a stab or pluck sound. Bass is usually in the same stack, playing the same notes and rythm but few otaves lower. Together this creates very full and warm sound that is same time very crisp and front in the mix. How is this archieved?

I understand the basic principle to create and layer saws together with other sounds but somehow it just won’t sound the same. I lack that on the face crispiness and fullness, mine always sound a bit dull and flat.

These are especially present on Zerothree, Enhaced, Anjuna and other progressive labels. Artists like Wrechski, Soundprank, Maor Levi, Yoel Lewis and many other.

As far I understand it’s a combination of clever layering with precise eq cuts and certain type of compression (perhaps OTT) and ofcourse heavy side chain.

Thanks guys!

I think its as much about the reverb as anything.

Try this tech tip

Thanks, Phil! I’ll check it out.

Good and informative tutorial about layering, very nice info there. It verifies the problem I’m trying to solve, which is in my case in mixing as much as it is in choosing the right sounds.

I was completely forgotten Audien’s Wayfarer, I have to analyse it deeper. You did a good job recreating it, altough the original is way punchier, hehe. :wink:

When you are creating it, you also introduce some tiny phasing problems as well. What would be the best way to deal them, is it just splitting the chords into more individual tracks and let only one individual sound handle each individual part of the triads; root-third-fifth?

Wave’s Maserati Guitar gave really nice and edgy sound. I will be defenitely experimenting with it!.