Funkagenda-Shinjuku (Mr. Nobody mix)

Hey guys,

Love the site,

This is the first track I have ever finished and its also my first real post here,

Would really love to hear what I could do to improve my productions,

Cheers in advance,


sounds pretty good for a first effort, i liked the track more from the break onwards, seemed to grab my attention more…

Cheers ekko,

That gives me allot to think about as its almost the exact same elements after the brake only arranged slightly different,

Appreciate the response by the way.

Have to agree with ekko this track is amazing for a first full one!

Cant comment on the mixdown at all as my main headphones got lost and im using a pair with some weird phase issues going on :stuck_out_tongue: Not to mention the left side is louder…

I can definately hear the influences of the original on this track though and the arrangement is good… The beggining sounded very techno’ish to me though :hehe: (not necessarily a bad thing).

Cheers lads,

Really taking you’re comments on board as for a long time now I have been struggling to finish a project and kept hitting brick walls,

Positive feed back relay gives you that belief that you mite actually make half decent music some day :slight_smile: