Funky, Electro, Progressive, Psy, Breaks (Genre Hybrids?)

Hey guys, I’ve been trying endlessly to recreate styles similar to the artist “Fletric” his style stikes me at the core as both inventive and groovy. he is by far one of the greatest producers i’ve had the luxury to discover. anyways the most influential tune thus far has been his remix of another track by Halobeatz i’ll provide a soundcloud link so you can have a listen.

Im really interested in the electo sounding funk gutar bass sounds, and the almost arpy sound that accompanies the bassline first introduced around 2 mins and 20 seconds in, i’m also really intersested in how to create this overall breaks feel while maintaining a nice solid progressive feel as well. It’s like magic to my ears. Furthurmore i see this as being a challenge to both myself and maybe your team. even a tutorial on just progressive breaks or psy-breaks in general would be so amazing. :slight_smile: have a listen