Funky house

hi there in the tutorial on funky house bassline what was the nexus patch u used and is there a similer one in trillion ? many thanks in advance mike

yeah i would quite like to now how to make this patch as well please

it was a sample from the nexus of a standard plucked bass.

trillion or trilogy are filled with similar and much better sounds.

hi there slaped, mute,slide etc which one ?


E Bass 2 preset in the House Expansion pack

Trilogy is awesome for bass, but it always takes me a lot of testing to find a good bass for my track when using it as there’s so many in the library.

many thanks all

Hi there,

thanks for the great tutorial around, much appreciated!

I’ve got one question regarding the funky house bassline a la moto blanco tutorial, as there’s no resources that go along with the tutorial ( :frowning: ) any way you could tell which nexus preset you used for the chords? The first sound you play after the beat loop at the beginning when deconstructing ?

Or maybe a way to reproduce this kind of sharp tight short attack sound on the sylenth for instance? Better to know how to make those than just find them and use them!

thanks a lot !

cheers from france

its a piano and a string sound combined with a bit of a lowpass filter envelope… cant remember exactly the preset.