Funky / Soulful House Production Forums

Not that I’m trying to detract from the forums here or anything but does anyone know of any decent funky house / soulful house specific production forums (or sections of forums) out there on the internet? It’s mainly what I’m producing these days and there’s not a huge ammount of chat about it in SA alas.

I dont know any to be honest but a couple of mates of mine are into the funkier an jackin stuff in a big way…il give them a text tomorrow and ask them…

The town im from everyone is into like sneak,gramaphondzie,derrick carter and anything chicago.

actually the mate im gonna ask just passed this on to me…

its prob the funkiest track iv heard in a long long time i fooooking love it.

Hey Bouffont…

The only other forum I frequent is One bit of warning homie. Its not like it is here. There is no protection. If you dont search for your question before asking it, you will get EATEN ALIVE! Also, dont ask dumb questions. Do research before you ask questions. These are rules that I think all forum goers should live up to, but here they dont. Just be farwarned. But, on the flip side, there are some super smart dudes on there that will help you out. They have helped me out as well.


Rocking, thanks chaps.

I’ll not be leaving here by the way, it’s too good a forum :slight_smile: has a production forum.

If you search for Deep House etc… You’ll see all the threads about the chords that they use etc…

Had the odd useful little bit on it. And is the only place that I’ve seen so far that has regular discussons about DH.

IDMforums is really excellent I think. As Howie said - Search is your B.Friend. 99.9% of the stuff has been covered there already & theres a lot of pure gold there to be found.

Hey Howie, I’ve seen you on the IDM forum. I’ve had some useful feedback from people on there. So far all very helpful.

To be honest I’m not too into forums, the fact that I frequent this one is a real surprise to me really.

[quote]roben (16/08/2010)[hr]To be honest I’m not too into forums, the fact that I frequent this one is a real surprise to me really.


Yeah me too I read other forums but rarely contribute - infact this and one other anime site is really the only places I hang out online and ofcourse

Thanks ICN, I’ll check out too.

[quote]bouffont (16/08/2010)[hr]Thanks ICN, I’ll check out too.[/quote]

Cool man… Just dig & you’ll find some stuff.