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Future EDM Vocals

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Adding vocals to your mix can produce a very majestic sound. When the two are fused together, the meaning behind each exhilarating beat and uplifting lead becomes personalised and more powerful.

Big EDM understands the importance of adding vocals. That is why they have developed Future EDM Vocals. Inside of this awesome pack is 5 construction kits. Each construction kit has 1 completed vocal track that has been broken down into several pieces such as intro, verse, chorus, build, drop, wet/dry vocal track and then broken down by each instrument/sound. This is where you come in and reconstruct your own track with the tools included in each kit. You can slice it, dice it, and rework it however you want.

Inspired by artists you’d find on labels like Revealed Recordings, Spinnin, Armada, Protocol, and Monstercat, we are giving you our signature top-notch quality combined with the latest sounds and techniques in EDM audio production. There is no doubt your final mix is going to turn heads and fill the floor.

The male vocals included in Future EDM Vocals from Big EDM are loaded with personality and attitude. Giving you a variety of vocal styles that range from melodic, powerful, upbeat, and even some served with a hip-hop flavour. You will also get a lyric sheet included with each kit.

Each kit is in its own respective key and spans a range of 124-128bpm. With over 1 GB of WAV audio loops broken down into stems and MIDI sequences, you are going to enjoy reconstructing and finalising your vision. Lead the way to the future of EDM with Future EDM Vocals from Big EDM.

Compatibility: This construction kit is compatible with any DAW that can import the use of WAV audio samples and MIDI sequences.