Future/Electro/Progressive house Feedback appreciated!

Hey! I just finished this Future house/Electro house track. My intention is a ”dancey”, easy listened house track with an 80’s nostalgic vibe. I’d appreciate some honest feedback regarding both the composition and mixing! :slightly_smiling_face::sparkles::dizzy::joystick::rocket::video_game:

Hey @Aposematic , just my 2cts Listening Experience here… :wink:

Found the Kick & Bass a bit dull comparing to the synths & glitches that are very much in the front ( level wise speaking ).

Arrangement & composition wise, it’s still sounding very “modern” when I was expecting more of that “80’s nostalgic vibe” as you announced. That’s probably due to the track tempo & the numerous glitchy sounds. It certainly can evoke some good old 80’s Arcade video Games sounds but I was waiting for something else after reading the description, but the progression through the track is nice.

Hey! Sorry, just saw that I’ve missed to answer this. Thanks for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah I definately have more to learn when it comes to mixing. As you said it would probably help a lot to just get the relative levels right. I also think I need to use panning more to give more separation and clarity to my mixes. For the 80’s vibe description I was mostly thinking about the gated synth melody in the buildup and drops whish I think had an 80’s feel to it. The track in general is definately a more contemporary style :slightly_smiling_face:

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