Future House track

Hi there =)
It would be fantastic if you let me know your thoughts about this track. Hard feedback is welcome if it’s constructive =)

Like the motive. But: Over all you need another layer in the mainsynth with more low frequencies. Now it’s a bit raw.
I also don’t like the qualitiy of the vocal. Seems to come out of my phone xD Need also more low mids to make it sound fuller. At least I want to point out the fills in the drops. They could be a bit more complex to achieve the label standard.

But it has potential. 2 or 3 more hours of work and I would listen to that!

Thank you very much for the feedback Woask. Very appreciated and useful :slight_smile:

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Sorry for late reply :wink:

Agree with previous comment from @Woask , nice entertaining track overall, could be polished a bit more but the real weak point is the vocals here, too much processed and they sound really compressed.