FXpansion Guru - Files / Folders & Settings. Read this if you have it

If anyone’s got Guru, be aware that it does not save its samples in your DAW’s project folder - even though you may have probably set up consolidation in your DAW’s settings.

I’m upgrading to Snow Leopard & L9 over the next few days & currently just getting all my stuff backed up before I do.

So I’m burning all my Audio / Samples to DVDs & in the process, I’ve been reorganising the folders that they’re in too, just to make it easier.

Opened up a Logic 8 track that had a Guru in it & started getting all the searching boxes… Disaster!

Thank F*** that I knew the way everything was before I reorganised… Just put everything back the way it was & now tracks are opening up fine once more.

Guru does not save the files outside its own library anywhere. It uses file extentions to point to where you have your 3rd party samples. This is fine if you never move anything… but if you are going to do a fresh OS install or upgrade, then you’ll probably encounter headaches. Its a pain in the hole with Guru as it was only prompting for the sample source folder, rather than the folder & file (The all important name of the missing Sample).

When I opened up one of these Gurus then in Logic, it didnt even have the missing sample name in it - like you would in Reason or Logic etc… so if its gone - its absolutely F***ing GONE.

The correct way to do it is to save your the Guru in your track as a “Song”. You do this by hitting Save which is located just above the Guru Logo, on the right, under the Sequencer matrix. Once you go into it you can save your settings & samples as a Guru Song. You can navigate around & save the folder wherever you want - Probably in your main song project folder is best.

If you need to, you can go into Load (located beside Save) & choose the Guru Song that you want. Its cool actually - I transferred a project from Live the other day like this very quickly.

Just thought I’d share with as many as possible, as I narrowly missed a nightmare.

I’m going to go back now & save these into my individual project folders before I do anything else. If you’ve got Guru, I’d recommend you do the same.



never had a problem with my guru doing this, maybe its to do with having samples on an external drive. i’ve upgraded my mac os twice now and haven’t yet had this problem

Yeah Jon - Thats probably as the original file paths still existed.

Problems start when shit starts changing around.

I like all my samples organised per track per folder. They’re all duplicated doing it like this, but by consolidating everything along with the project file, it leaves little room for losing stuff.

Imagine searching for a file called “Kick” ???!!! LOL - A f**ing awful painful thought! :smiley:

I’m glad I found out now… I thought everything was together in one place and it turned out it wasn’t. Theres more than one way to do everything - whatever works for ya, works! :cool: