FXpansion Guru Multi Out / Multi Timbral Template for Logic 9


I’ve made a Template for Logic 9 for Guru. Hopefully it’ll take the donkey work out of it for y’all that have it :D

All 8 Engines have their own Midi Channel for you to Drag & Drop the Patterns onto.

All 8 Engines have their own Outs which also have a corresponding channel in the Mixer & arrange.

Theres a read me & screenshots in it with a load of boring stuff that I wont go into.

Its a little too big to be attached here, so heres the link. ICN Template.zip

If it doesnt work in the future whenever you find this, message me & I’ll get it to you.

Theres a Ultrabeat that has been reset to blank & velocity sensitive in there too, along with some extra grooves.

Its only Mac unfortunately… so its no use on Windows Guys :frowning:

If anyone has any problems let me know. I’ll probably be lost, but I hope it works for you! LOL  :D  8)