Gasping vocal bassline kind of sound

Hi guys, first time poster here but I am really learning a lot from lurking and from watching the tutorials. I searched for this but since I really have no idea how to phrase my request nothing showed up. I’m looking for a way to make a sound like this:

Pendulum - Witchcraft (Rob Swire's Drum-Step Mix) - YouTube

Listen to 1:44 where it sounds like someone is saying “ay, ay” but it’s a gasping, bassy type of thing? Thoughts on how to do this?


Look at some of the glitch step house tutorials. A good place to start wud be either using the modern talking waveform in massive, which with an LFO on it makes that ay-yo sound, or by using a square wave synth with a low pass filter with LFO making your standard wah-wah bassline and then put a bit crusher on after the filter, fiddling with the filter settings and bit crusher will make that ay-yo sound. Both those methods are shown in the glitch-step tut.

Interesting. Thanks, I’ll give it a look