Geiger & Gwoa - Just Wait (remix)

Hey guys, here is a clip of our latest track to be released in June on Black Rail Records.

Sami Tuomi - Just Wait (Geiger & Gwoa Remix) (clip) by Geiger & Gwoa

Sounds really deep and chilled - like it alot

liked that.

what’s the synth (wave forms) you used for the bass sound? was really cool.

Cheers for listening guys!

Bass is fully layered as you can hear, we start the track filtering in only the high bass, then bring in the subs after 1min with the midbass joining the party after 2 mins.

Mid and hi bass done on the minimoog and sub from Papen Subbassboom.

Sorry, forgot you guys can’t hear the full track!! You’re getting the full layered bass there in that clip!

just listened to this again, really really fooking nice, wish you’d put the full version up :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the kind words man - only allowed clips until after release but I’ll get a full version up then - sometime in June!