Genre-related preset packs

Although I’m not someone who relies on presets - give me one and I’ll mangle it until it sounds even better - other people are. It seemed odd when I saw three preset packs available on the website and they were all lumped in together: techno, trance, dub, whatever, all in the same
I would have thought that packs related by genre would sell more. It’s not a lot of fun to spend even as little as a tenner on what you hope are going to be lush pads and soaring leads only to find that the sounds coming from a large number of presets come under the heading of “1001 ways to kill a warthog”.

So many presets in the packs cover multiple genres it’s hard to really seperate them. also you just never know when that techno stab will fit perfectly in your trance tune.

Hard? Time consuming, maybe. Still, you never know when that dying warthog sound will fit in your dubstep track :wink: