Gesaffelstein massive drops

Hi fellows, I believe this would be a very useful tip for all the Techno heads out there,

in this track Gesaffelstein uses an epic riser during the breakdown and then suddenly dropping all sounds out before the massive drop, I’ve tried this many times but I just can’t get the timing right he obviously gone mad with the arrangement, he gone far away from the usual 8 bar phrases set-up check the track here, the effect which i’m talking about appears around 2:20 :

- YouTube

if anyone got any clue how to manipulate such trick please reply to this post

diggin this … How would you get that effect on the kick and snare are they just filtered ?

Put the track into your daw and try duplicating his arrangement that pitch riser rises up then rises down i like it sounds sick

While we’re talking about Gesaffelstein, love to know how he produces his characteristic basslines that are just absolutely massive. They sound like a giant plucking a bass the size of the Empire State building. You can hear it in this track after the riser bit.

I think it’s some kind of noise and simple delay unsyced from the tempo, with time manipulated with automation. No? He also applies it to the synth at the beginning of the rise:) Good luck experimenting.