Get that sound: Bassline

Hello to Phil and everyone from Sonic Academy!

I subscribed to this site few days ago, and it is really awesome!

And I really want to know how to get this, or similar to this bass:

[url]Adam Port - Sally (Original Mix) - YouTube

or this one:


(sorry for zippy link, but I couldn’t find this version on Youtube)


Sounds like a pitched down Tom with a slow attack?

Yeah the first one sounds like an 808 style kick or tom.

the second one sounds more like a filtered live bass sample.

Thanks for fast reply! I didn’t want to open a new topic so I just put this here.

I saw somebody alse post it, and it is just awesome, so can you tell me how to create this bass:

[url]Tube and Berger - Free Tribe (Original Mix) /HQ/+Downloadlink - YouTube