Get That Sound - Complextro Sound Design & Synthesis / 326

Phil Johnston & Chris Agnelli team up in this one to bring you a Synthesis & Sound Design course focussed purely on the Complextro Genre.


Utilising the power of our award winning ANA Soft Synth, we show you how to create amazing ground shaking, speaker busting bass patches, as well as delving into Native Instruments MASSIVE to ground that unique Growl sound.


Finally we create and share with you the secret to making complextro bass patterns easily inside Ableton Live 9.


hi - really looking forward to checking out ANA and this tutorial! but at around 4:05 of Vid 1 - can no longer see the mouse or any changes being done to ANA. thanks!

seems like something similar is happening with each of the videos - after a few minutes the video just freezes but the audio keeps going.

Same problem here, pro the new player is buggy or tuts render setting need to be sorted.

Hi guys - the videos have been re-encoded and should all be working now

I love it! Thanks :)

On video #2 so far, and the voices are way, way lower in volume than the bass sounds. Been going back and forth with my speaker volume every 10 seconds.. just an f.y.i.

Wicked! would you not EQ the Low Ana synth sound that plays underneath with the bass samples? And would you not just have a sub underneath the samples ?

how do i get my hands on that drum rack?

One you make a sound with ANA that you like, how do you take that sound and convert or export it as a WAV or AIF so that you can put it into your drum rack?


I use A.N.A in most of my music production and is very easy to understand and make your sounds…I think is more fun to use it in fl studio than live9…but over all A.N.A is for sure one of my top 5 fav plugin to use in my music…

wow thanks for the help !

Is ok