Get that sound (Deep/growly/Demonic/Voice!

You know the one. The males voice that is found in alot of darker Tech/Tribal House. Deep. Growly. Demonic almost. Do I have to find examples? Really would like to hear some tips on how to create this from a normal recorded male voice.

If you give a link it would be easier !:slight_smile:

Here’s one

D-Unity - Shake It (Original) **Good Quality** - YouTube

Maybe a little more growly.

Or here at 3:10/3:44 ect…

D-Unity - Switch (Original) - YouTube

Deep male growly voice stabs voice.

I think they pitch the vocal down and add some reverb

I figured pitch, but wouldn’t pitching it down slow down the vocal? So say it faster and pitch it down maybe?

What DAW are you using. Ableton has a cool feature which will maintain the speed and pitch it down. You could perhaps play two tracks, both the same vocal, only one’s been slightly bit crushed to give it an edge. Find a nice balance with the volumes and you should have a gravely effect.

Yeah, Ableton.  I just got a mic and put a vocal in simpler and transposed it down to -7 and it is pretty acceptable, didn’t think to crush it.  I’ll definitely try that.  Thanks.

A bit late, but in fl studio, just tune it down and time strech it to bring it back to normal speed.

lol looks like everyones answered you already, was just about to post my reply.

Pitched down vocal, in ableton use your transpose.