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Get That Sound Special - Tech House with Steve Mac

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Sonic Academy welcomes back UK House legend Steve Mac for another exciting course.
This time he takes us through how he creates a Tech House monster - starting with the Akai MPC before moving into Logic for the arrangement.
This exclusive insight into Steve’s creative techniques provides a real treat for producers of all abilities, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, there are few who can match his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t!
Using awesome reverse reverb and delay for the build ups, and perfectly timed edits to create wicked drops this track is a true Tech House classic from the master himself.
With plenty of tech tips for you to learn, have a watch and Get That Sound!

In the MPC it’s just a so-so loop but then you see how that unfolds into an entire track that is kept interesting throughout, with small creative edits and neat little tricks. Watching this was time well spent. Very nice.

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Cool little secrets there, from a master!


nice sound

Awesome! Steve Mac aka one half of the Rhythm Masters. Should be a great tutorial!

very interesting!

It was great to see how one of the greats accomplishes the “less is more” idea, but still creates plenty of interest in the track. Something I’m trying to work on.

very helpful and informative, thanks!

I was hopeful about how to do Tech House but the dj uses akai mpc which unfortunately for myself looks complicated to use and to do the setup on Logic X.

Learning Learning !

Anyone know if this is the same Steve Mac that produces all those grammy nominated tracks in the UK? Only asking because I’m trying to find him on twitter (this Steve Mac).

Hi @MartyTheC - This is a different Steve Mac - This Steve Mac is from Rhythm Masters and has been a large player in the House scene for many years.

brilliant wee course

Amazing course! I learned a lot about arrangement and the power of simply dropping elements at the end of a phrase to make room in the mix for effects to build interest and tension. One of the best courses I’ve watched so far.

great tutorial

whats up noobs


yep, all feeling like noobs in front of Steve Mac… :smile::sunglasses:

cool!!! I learned something new. Thx

Great quality sound.