Get That Sound: iO - Jeton

Probably one of the best produced tracks in the last year in my opinion. It’s just the right side of grooving house, whilst still remaining sophisticated and deep. I think one of the elements that keeps the track sounding fresh is the short sustained stabs.

With deep house it’s easy to over do the big, reverby stabs, and whilst you get a nice groovey track, it definately wouldn’t stand up in a peak time set.

Personally, I’d love to dissect this track and learn everything from it! The bassline is lovely, warm, and not too over powering whilst still being very audible, the hats are quite reserved yet still prominent, and the percussion is very evident without sending the track into a tribal-esque vibe.

But today, all I want to know is - How to get that synth stab sound? It’s lovely and plucky, filtered paino-ish at first, but as the filter is released (during the break and after the drop) it becomes electronic-ish and edgy whilst still being silky and smooth and keeping that house vibe.

How’s it done? Is it two synths? Are they chords? It starts it’s filtered journey at about 1.30 in and progresses through the track, being very evident after the drop…

Anyway, here’s the tune.

STYLE: House/Tech-House


TRACK: Jeton (Original Mix)

P.S: I know I already mentioned this track in a post before, but it was unrelated etc., etc.

Know that track - Great tune.

Love that change in it @ the middle.

Yep, its lovely. I love the way it drops too - very simple, the melody doesn’t change at all really, just automation.

you should check out sonic academys deep house tutorial under the big stabs section. all is explained there.

Great tune :slight_smile:

[quote]conchuir (24/03/2011)[hr]you should check out sonic academys deep house tutorial under the big stabs section. all is explained there.[/quote]

Yeah I’ve watched that tutorial a few times now conchuir… But the synth he’s using it obviously of a different quality than sylenth presets… Sounds like a lot of care has gone into it. I’d love to know how to create it from scratch.