Getting a gritty sawtooth bassline (ex. Hardwell - Spaceman)

Starts at 2:00, the drop:

I've attempted to recreate this using Sylenth1 as it SOUNDS like it's just a pitched down sawtooth. But it always just sounds super wimpy when I do it. No balls at all. Just a clicky sawtooth that's either pitched too low or too high to have weight.

Any input and tips would be FANTASTIC. :D

Try getting a saw with a LP Filter… add tons of resonance then add a distortion/overdrive on and sweep the cutoff until you find that kinda gritty sound.

Then resample it and stick it into simpler

Try a few different types of distortion… Abletons Overdrive, Guitar rig etc. to get different sounds.

The new version of ANA im testing at the mo has an awesome LP + Distortion filter that makes those sounds with ease. still a few weeks away but the technique above should keep you busy until then.

Excellent, will have a go at it!