Getting support from Andy Farley

Hi people

I was listening to Andy Farley’s SlinkyFM show on Thursday night and he happens to be supporting one of my tracks at the moment and i’m over the moon! He’s labelled as the godfather of hard house\hard dance and i just can’t believe it.

If anyone wants to check it out, it’s the 2nd from last track in the set called ‘Hola Bitch’


nice one …:slight_smile:

Excellent stuff! How did he get to hear it?

Well done Matt.

With all the sucess some people seem to be having here at SA Iam starting to feel a little anxious.

Having said that I am sure I am not alone and certainly don’t begrudge your success.

Keep up the good work.


good work fella!

Really good tune, glad to hear it’s getting support.