Getting that empowering Kick sound

how to they get that really powerful kick? is it just very good production? it sounds like the kick lifts every band on the EQ, some song examples are:

and pretty much every deadmau5 song :smiley:

just steal the Kick sample hehe

its about a lot of stuff. mostly sidechain compression tho. I know for a fact that wolfgang said in an interview that he sidechain’s everything to the kick always. when you do this you are allowing for the kick to live in it’s own space while the rest of the track plays.

prior to this, obviously its essential to pick/build a super awesome kick.

clean compression/eq/filters and layering help to accomplish this.

when I make a kick lately… I do it with 2 or 3 kicks. I layer them all together to get a new kick that is nice and round if possible. It usually takes me about an hour to get it right. i do this cause I’m trying to get similar kicks to wolfgang.

also use the XFER sample pack from deadmau5. that helps.