Getting Un Stuck

Hey Guys i go this track ive been wanting to make a Kin-doff Neurofunk Style song (My first track ever attempting to make :D) and so far i just have a Suspenseful chord sequence made with a crunchy bass underneath (Filtered) it along with a pad which makes it sound nice and creepy :smiley: but i seem to be stuck on what i want to do next :frowning:

What do you guys do when your stuck do you take a break and go to it another day or do you play around…?

depends on how long i’ve been stuck on it, but i will take a break, work on somethign else or go and do something completely different jst to remove myself form the project.

I tend to start something new… it seems half way through any song i get all kinds of new ideas for another one. I have about 30 tracks 40-70% done. Progress in any one of those tracks tends to spiral creativity that trickles down through many of the rest or (once again) a new one.

I am a genre jumper though as well, and i play with a lot of moogs. Hell, i find myself making dubstep tracks because it comes so easy for me… and i don’t even like dubstep.

Also, sometimes just going out listening to DJ’s you respect spin and having a good time is enough. You’ll figure it out. :hehe: