Ghostwriter & Night Rider

Ghostwriter is my newest track. Not completely satisfied with the Mix but learned from the process and hope to improve over time.

Night Rider is a track from 1 month ago.

Hi there,

For “Ghosywriter” the first thing is that jumping out to me is that the all track is missing a “space”, you should try to use more delays and reverb to create that.

Those hats don’t work for me, too much low end and they are too loud, they should be here just to add rhythm.

The snare in the opposite is too low and sounding weak in the mix.

The toms could be much more “reverby” as well, but again that’s overall with all sounds in the track.

Create a “space” for each element and shape a bigger picture “space” for the all track, that one sounds as it’s closed inside a box at the moment.

Arrangement wise, it works quite well, but it’s also very much “deja vu” I would say.

So overall, nice track, but needs improvement to retain the listener attention :wink:

For “Night Rider” I prefer that one, it’s more polished, the snare here works better, I would maybe re-balance some synth sounds that are very much in the front at the minute. That’s also part of creating space, with the notion of depth. Different levels for your synths will help to place them into a “stage”, with the notion of front & back next to mono & stereo.

There’s more stereo spread in this 2nd track compare to the more “boxy” sounding 1st one, but you could even push this further IMO to create that lush, wide atmosphere and space that’s usually what the listeners are expecting with this genre.

Arrangement here works also well and feels much more original, so that’s more interesting and grasp more attention than the previous track.

And that’s it for my 2cts feedback :sunglasses:

Have you followed the Synthwave Takeover June month event and watch those courses BTW ?

Synthwave with Bluffmunkey

Tech Tips Volume 57 with Bluffmunkey

  • there’s a bunch of other courses available as well, you’ll get a list on the event page ( above link ).

Hope this helps,

Good work, keep going ! :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

Cheers !

Thank you for the detailed analysis.

Will reference the information for the next track.

I have followed the Synthwave takeover and watched the Bluffmunkey tutorials. Excellent work.

Have seen a few of the Synthwave tuts (Timecop 1983, Oakley, The Midnight, Bluffmunkey).

Will slow down and take more time with the next song and use less tracks giving more thought to the mix and space.

Solidify the basics.


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