Giving away my remix! Get it now!

Due to high demand (and lack of response from from Armada) I am giving away, yes giving away, for free, my remix of The Sound Of Goodbye!

Play it lound and play it proud!

DJ’s let me know how this goes down in the clubs please - thats all I need in return! :slight_smile: send comments or if you want info, remix requests or if the legal team from Armada want to contact me you can do so at!!

Download now via SoundCloud at full 320kbps - full track - no cuts!

well as soon as SoundCloud sorts itself out!!

Mate i think your making a mistake by doing this you are making any chance of a future release completely null and void. Like i said send it to big name dj’s be patient and see what happens. If you dont hear anything back in a few months you can always give it away and just to give you a scale of how long it may take, it took Marco V around a month to get back to me regarding a track he wanted to sign. Also hit up chris agnelli see what he says and just send it to every big dj who you think might like it.

its been sitting around for about 2 months now, the only people that can do a release are armada or armin and there are not getting back to me. Maybe this will make them get their fingure out if it starts getting played as opposed to being null and void they wont have much of a choice I think! if its gets play a lot that is!

And I would hit up Chris… if I had his contact details!

And away it a bit of name building!

Think about it if big name dj’s start to play it Armada will have to take notice. Getting support from big name dj’s is a huge cataclyst for sales because the track will start getting a buzz around it, this then becomes higher sales and will interest any label. As for Chris Agnellis contact details either snd him a PM through this forum or check the agnelli and nelson website. This is something you are going to have to do as most big DJ’s will have an email contact address for promos. Its all risk vs reward mate you can give it away and just think yeah its a cool remix ive made the twenty people that downloaded it via soundcloud happy or you can be patient and mabey get a future release and at the same time get your name out there by the biggest label around Armada. There is also the possibility that you send it to every big name dj and no one gets back to you and no one plays it. Then you need to start questioning about how good the track actually is. These are all posibilities and outcomes that you have to think about and even though it may be hard and you might be running on the last thread of your patience but weigh everything out, think about it and do what makes you happiest.

I dont really anymore mate, I just want it out there by whatever means :slight_smile:

You could help me by downloading and supporting it mate :smiley: