Glad its the weekend

so its the weekend for me already, saturday arvo, my first day of holidays and am off to go get me some monitors… just finished my diploma yesterday in digital photography, but earlier this year i discovered i was born to make music hahah im sure many other people feel the same way just glad i am over with that part of my life and next year well january tenth (i get 1 month holidays wtf!!, all my mates get at least 3!!) i start audio engineering course so guna go book the midi studio they have as much as possible, got a nord 2x a korg m1 and a few other rack synths and some other hardware, looking forward to improving my production skills and my sound design skills! and finding a female vocalist maybe to start a band…

sorry to bore ya just thought id let ya know a lil bit bowt myself!!



Fair play Man… Hope you have a great time being free! :slight_smile:

cheers man this year i have just been building up my computer studio, still a lot of software i want with no money haha, not a big fan of pirating software, just some monitors to get, be good to hear some nice punch and crispness with no crackling! and especially some nice low end

nice dude!!i think i might get me some new speakers this week

all good bro! contrats on it all and good luck with the new monitors! let us know what you finally get. congrats again!

yo man i ended up getting the krk rokit 6, read a few reviews about them, they got a nice good sound, nothing to over the top and nothing to big for my small room! haha

Nice! They’re what i’ve decided on getting when / if i get my student grant soon, wanted some good alrounders at a good price.

I did want the event opals but since they’re stupid money, i’ll be settling for the krks for now hah.